What do we do?

Using a rigorous quality control process, we extract and process granulite, an originally volcanic rock which is subsequently metamorphized, in order to produce Bahia´s first remineralizer. Our process is ISO 9000:2015 quality certified to ensure that the product is marketed within adequate grain size and levels.

We therefore produce “volcanic ashes” in an anthropic and controlled way which, as opposed to being randomly thrown in the atmosphere, may be transported and used in a planned manner, thus allowing farmers to revitalize soils which were impacted by the “powers of nature”.


“It´s a mineral-origin material which has only been subjected to size reduction and classification through mechanical processes and that changes the soil fertility levels by means of adding macro and micro nutrients to plants. It also promotes the improvement of physical or chemical-physical properties and soil biological activity.”  Law 12.890/2013


Remineralization is a kind of “rochagem”, which consists of adding chemical composed minerals and adequate grain size to the soil which allows for its fertilization and renewal.

Its main function is to improve the farming system´s chemical, physical and biological quality, increasing rural areas supplies use´s resilience, productivity, quality and efficiency in a natural, sustainable and less aggressive way to the environment.


As a natural revitalizer, Vulcano is indicated/prescribed to all kinds of farming or soil. Since there is no leaching loss, this product may be applied in large quantities. Although its grains are very fine, nutrients and minerals are retained in the soil because they are made available through biological weathering which is regulated by plants and by the soil´s micro-organisms. The plants consume nutrients as per their needs, thus avoiding losses and the contamination of rivers and the water table. Vulcano contains no elements which are harmful to plants or the environment and it´s also a highly sustainable product.

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