Vulcano is the first north-northeastern soil remineralizer produced in Bahia. Vulcano is MAPA-registered under process number BA 000741-1200000 and it´s ISO 9001:2015 quality certified.

This product is made from granulitic rocks, which boasts characteristics typical of basaltic composition silicate rocks.

Vulcano features the sum of bases equal to 10% and 2.8% of K²O. Both levels are guaranteed and are above the minimum limit for the material being classified as remineralizer (9% and 1%, respectively),as per required by MAPA IN 5/2016, with emphasis to the potassium levels which are 3 times higher than the requested minimum. The high silicon level available to the plant will ensure better protection for biotic and abiotic factors. The pH abrasion is in the order of 8,0, indicating that Vulcano is alkaline and will not acidify the soil when used.

The potentially toxic elements are in levels well below the maximum allowed by MAPA IN 5/2016.

Vulcanos´s physical nature specification is defined as “powder” by MAPA IN 5/2016. Vulcano is a fine grain material with at least 50% of its sieving mass in a 0,3mm sieve.


Vulcano´s mineralogy shows a typical basaltic silicate rock composition. Calcium, magnesium and potassium are usually found in silicate minerals, particularly oligoclase, actinolate, microcline, biotite and muscovite, which correspond to 80% of the rock. These are the rock´s most reactive minerals, and they make bases (CaO, K²O and MgO) and silicon available, increasing fertility and soil´s CTC (Gillman, 1980).

The free silica (quartz) level is lower than the IN 05/2016 for soil remineralizer. Although the maximum limit is set at 25%, Vulcano contains 18%.

All of the rock´s k²O is contained in the microcline, which is a potassium feldspar, in the biotite and in the muscovite.

According to Van Straaten (2007), 2007 and Martins et al. (2008), these minerals can potentially release this nutrient.

Based on its mineralogy, Vulcano is valued as an excellent remineralizer, a natural source of nutrients, an acidity correction element as well as a soil conditioner.


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